What is a 12 Panel Drug Test?

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A 12 panel drug test is a comprehensive urine drug test that screens for a wide range of illicit and prescription drugs; what is on a 12 panel drug test ? It is often used to screen candidates for safety sensitive occupations such as transportation, law enforcement and medicine. The test is also used for random workplace drug testing programs. The number of drugs screened for varies depending on profession and state laws. Some tests only detect five drugs while others have up to a dozen drugs tested for. Some of these include THC, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP and tricyclic antidepressants (TCA).

A drug test results can be positive, negative or inconclusive. A negative result means that no drugs were detected and a positive result means that some or all of the prescribed or illegal drugs tested for were found in the sample. A retest is usually required to confirm the result. Urine drug tests can detect the presence of many drugs for up to several days after ingestion. However, the detection window varies between individuals and can depend on how much of a specific drug was taken and for how long it was taken.

The sensitivity of a urine test is determined by the concentration of creatinine in the sample. A higher creatinine level indicates a greater volume of fluid in the sample. This is known as internal dilution and is more common than external dilution. External dilution is the act of adding extra fluid to a urine sample to dilute it. Internal dilution is when a candidate drinks large amounts of water before taking the test to “flush” their system. Both dilution methods can give false results.

Urine tests are the most commonly used method of drug screening, but there are other options such as a mouth swab or hair follicle drug test. Each of these tests have their own pros and cons, but all of them are highly accurate and cost-effective. Get the 12 panel drug test price here and manage your finances better.

A urine test is a quick and effective way to screen for the most common drug use in the US. It is also the most popular test choice for DOT testing and other forms of pre-employment drug screening. However, it is important to note that a DOT approved test must be conducted in a laboratory with a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to ensure the accuracy of the results. It is also important to understand that a presumptive positive rapid test result must be confirmed by an independent laboratory before it can be considered definitive evidence of drug usage. Confirmation testing is not included in the original price of the rapid test and will incur an additional charge. Find out more details in relation to this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvia_divinorum.